Dads and Bubs - Move'n

Move’n is fun

This class will focus on physical and playful interactions with your baby as a way to support their emotional, mental, sensory, and movement development.

Moving more with your baby will also enhance your own physical health and well-being. As you spend time observing your baby in motion you will start to get a feel for who they are, their needs and what they are trying to tell you.  

You will begin to enjoy just hanging out, mucking around with movement all the while getting to know them better. 

Move’n is

A new 4week Course starts


     Friday 2nd November Morning  9:00-10:00am

     Saturday 3rd  NovemberMorning 9:00 – 10.00am

     Tuesday 9th NovemberEvening 5:30 -6:30pm 

Where: Catholic Social Services 42 Macandrew Road

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Move’n is about creating different sensory and movement experiences for your baby. We will explore low movement situations, close to the floor.  We will investigate different baby holds 

whilst exploring rocking, rolling and changes in position. Moving low also asks more of the dad’s body allowing him to pass through fundamental movements that help maintain his bodies’ balance.

We will explore “the dad gym” where we use our own bodies as a prop to support our babies’ movements as they manoeuvre around and as they come to roll, sit or stand. We will always be engaged with our bubs observing their behaviour to determine their needs and wants.

We will engage with movement in and around our babies paying attention to them but also to ourselves looking at how we move and how we can move better. We can develop our own physicality as we play. We will investigate the potential of baby carrying when out and about as means to develop intimacy with our bubs and at the same time enhancing our own strength and endurance.

We will develop locomotive patterns for you to move across the space with our bubs both high and low.

Importantly, we will be looking at how you can take these movement ideas and apply them to everyday situations such as feeding, bathing or even while performing household chores.

Move’n is taken by Matthew Smith, A father himself he is interested in sharing his movement research with other dads. He has been focussed on human movement his whole life and has studied many different movement forms such as those from martial arts such as capoeira, karate and those from dance such as house dance, partner dances, and contemporary dance.  He is interested in how movement can support and enhance health and well-being and how we can develop our movement capacities and those of our children. He has trained as an osteopath, pilates instructor and as a dancer. He is this year’s recipient of the University of Otago Caroline Plummer fellowship in community dance.  His fellowship projects are about getting people to move more in their daily life. Dads and Bubs Move’n is one of his projects. The others are a class for older men called “more men moving more’ held at Age concern in the Octagon and the creation of a new complimentary class to the “steady as you go” programme.

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